June 22nd Spring Party and Showcase/Samba Formation

Performance Groups

Congratulations to all of you that performed at the December 11th Holiday Party and Showcase!! You all did a beautiful job. The next party and showcase will be in May/2018! Look for updates on the date and available dances for performance groups!


Solo Routines

Have you been attending classes on a regular basis at The Pick School  and looking for a challenge and a rewarding experience. Why not work towards performing a solo routine at next party? 

Requirements are as follows: All Solos Must Be Choreographed by Pick School Instructors. You may dance with one of the teachers from the studio or you may take lessons with a fellow classmate. You should be an Intermediate to advanced dancer and be prepared to take private lessons.  Plan to start your routine several months in advance. If you are interested please contact Erin via email pickdance@gmail.com or call 415 752 5658.

Salsa Performance  2016 Holiday Party!

 Tango Performance 2015 Holiday Party!


 Formation Performance at December 2014 Holiday Party 







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